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On "Cruel Laws" Part 1 of 2

  بسم الله The proverbially strange similitude of those who were charged to bear the Torah, yet incredibly bore it not, is like the strikingly strange likeness of a donkey laden with great tomes of enlightening wisdom: Vile a similitude indeed is that of a people who cry lies to the very verses of Allah Himself! And Allah guides not the people of the wrongdoers. (The Quran Beheld 62:5) I recently received a question from Pakistan that concerned responding to those who criticize the Sharia as it is implemented there. The questioner described two murder cases. In both cases the perpetrators were from a higher social stratum and the next of kin of the victims forgave the perpetrators who were set free as a result. Media outlets then publicized reports claiming that in both instances the next of kin were threatened by the perpetrators. As a result, secular-minded commentators are claiming that the Sharia provision which places the perpetrator’s fate in the hands of the next of kin