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Meeting Reality

By Qays Arthur I Time has passed, its winds bringing debris and sand, its rains having eroded the edifices of what was established before and we the later people must struggle to cling to what remains of a glorious legacy, now barely discernible. The legacy of the days of Men. I write as a humbled slave, bewildered by his own insignificance and utter inability, in face of the mammoth task of simply being a slave in these times. After one year in "The Islamic University of Madina" in al Madina al Munawara, Arabia, it became overwhelmingly obvious to my distress, that "The Methodology of the Pious Fore-bearers" as I had previously conceived it, was sadly void of the slightest iota of spiritual realization. Confused, frustrated and lost I often found myself quite literally wandering the streets of Madina often in the late hours of the night, in some attempt to fill a void within me. A void which had manifest itself with sudden terror, such that it threw me