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Abrahamic Morality in America

By Qays Arthur “Say: Rise and come,  I shall plainly tell you what your Lord has made unlawful to you: That you worship nothing whatsoever with Him; And show parents all kindness; And slay not your children from even direst want, We shall provide for you and for them; Nor draw so much as near to foul deeds, be they open or secret; Nor take any life Allah has made inviolable, save in full justice: —All of that has He enjoined you with, that haply you may show reason.” (The Quran Beheld 6:151) Since last week’s massacre in Orlando the internet and public discourse in general have been awash in all sorts of arguments and discussions, of varying degrees of relevance, about counter terrorism, gun control, increased powers for security agencies, and “Mawzlems” who visit terror “hot spots” (i.e. countries of origin or of religious significance). Within the embattled and increasingly visible Muslim community some seemed more disturbed about the prospect of a “backlash” than anythin